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Five Reasons You Should Mom-Network

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, you need a network of other moms. Trust me, your childless-by-choice friend Becky is a little frustrated with your rants and raves about the best way to potty train. And I won't even mention how much your gazillon pics of your cute little bundle are driving her crazy. So give her a break and check out these five reasons you should seek out a community of Moms to help you navigate the choppy bathtub waters of motherhood.

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Knowing You're Not Alone

Didn't you think motherhood was going to be so much easier? Isn't it nice to know you aren't alone? A community of moms can help you feel better about those hours of missed sleep, that spit-up stain on your right shoulder, and the array of toys that now add a pop of color to every room in your home. Other moms provide commiseration company and they may have  great tips to help you deal. They can also help you laugh off the irritation you feel at once again having to rescue the latest dropped super hero from a public toilet.

Friendship for You (And Your Child)

Ready to converse about something besides what sound a cow makes and the name of each Sesame Street character? If your daily companion barely hits the three feet mark, it's time to seek out some adult conversation. And while you and your mom friends are busy remembering how to speak in dialect that doesn't rhyme, your child can focus on early socialization. Playgroups are a great chance to help your child practice social norms like sharing, talking with other children and if your home is like mine...wearing pants.

Acclimation to a New Environment

Moving to a new city is difficult for anyone, but moms of small children have it particularly hard because they may be leaving family support systems. Before you move or as soon as you arrive, check out playgroup options. Your new playgroup friends can help you find that mouthwatering Mexican restaurant and point you in the direction of the branch of library with the best story time.


Built-in Product Reviewers  

Navigating the wide variety of options for car seats, toys, clothing and even schools can make your head spin like a pre-exorcism victim. Mom's in playgroups are a great place to go for advice on products and services for your little ones. Where else can you find advice about that pink floral forward facing car seat you have been considering? Your mom friends can help you weigh the pros and cons and make suggestions such as a more economic brown one that can also be used for that possible future boy child.


If you are not currently a participating member of a mom network, become one now! Your sanity will thank you. Other moms are a great source for babysitting tradeoffs. Just think how blissful and spa like the frozen food aisle of your local grocery store will seem without your screaming bundle in tow. And for a real treat, consider some self-pampering time. Just don't forget to return the favor to your fellow moms.

These are just five of the benefits I have found from mom-networking. Can you think of some others? Let me know in the comments section. I love comments!

This is the first post in a six part series on Mom's Groups and Playgroups.

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